• 工作性質:全職
  • 招聘人數:不限
  • 工作經驗:2年以上
  • 薪酬待遇:面議
  • 工作地點:全國及部分亞太國家
  • 學歷要求:碩士及其以上
  • 職位描述:


    技術服務經理-家禽  全國及部分亞太國家


    ☆ 主要負責動物生產和營養領域產品的客戶技術支持與服務,支持銷售團隊實現銷售目標。

    ☆ 負責培訓經銷商和銷售團隊,提供足夠的技術資源來滿足客戶需求;

    ☆  負責與銷售團隊協調,為銷售團隊準備演示文稿工具和計劃,幫助銷售團隊成功獲得更大的市場份額;

    ☆  負責公司有關技術文章與專利等的寫作與發表和代表公司參加專業會議與講座;

    ☆  對市場發展和客戶需求提供反饋,指導產品評估和開發,引導創新產品研發;

    ☆  協助研發團隊現場評估的跟蹤,給予建議產品測試和產品開發。



    ☆ 對飼料工業和養殖業經驗豐富,在動物營養與健康管理擁有淵博的知識與技能;具有飼料配方經驗者優先;

    ☆ 碩士學位者需3年以上工作經驗;或博士學位者需2年以上在飼料與養殖或添加劑企業的工作經驗;有跨國公司工作經驗者優先;

    ☆ 良好的行業渠道和聯系,身體健康,可適應長期出差;

    ☆ 具備技術市場規劃能力和培訓技能,能夠獨立創建優質演示文稿;

    ☆ 英文閱讀與筆譯熟練以及基本口頭英語交流。英文口語流利者優先;

    ☆ 對學習和成長與進步充滿熱情,能夠獨立工作,具有良好的團隊合作精神。

    Technical Service Manager-poultry  Location:China & Asia Pacific


    ? Assist in development of the group’s work plan, ensuring that sufficient resources are available both internally and externally to meet customers requirements.
    ? Responsible for executing plans related to areas of animal production and nutrition services.
    ? Provide expert technical advice to the sales, marketing and operation units, support sales team to achieve allocated sales target.
    ? Giving feedback on market development and customer needs to steer innovative product development.
    ? Manage product evaluation and development of assigned product category.
    ? Prepare species business case and coordinate with marketing team to prepare sales tools and programs for successful achievement of required market share.
    ? Assist R&D team to evaluate field trails, suggest product testing and product development.
    ? Responsible for training distributors and sales team on assigned product category.




    ? Extensive knowledge of feed and livestock industries with proven track record of accomplishment in livestock production, health and animal nutrition.
    ? Experience in applying nutritional knowledge in feed or feed ingredients is essential.
    ? Good industry contacts and proven industry relationship.
    ? Master degree with 10+ years experiences or Ph.D of 8+ experiences in feed or feed additives company, major in animal science, animal nutrition or health. Experience in multinational company would be a plus.
    ? Sound knowledge and experiences in technical market planning and product positioning.
    ? Excellent training skills and ability to create and deliver compelling presentations.
    ? Proficient in both written and spoken English.
    ? Healthy and can handle 50-75% business travel time.
    ? Ability to progress in a rapidly growing and changing environment, passion to learn and handle new challenges.
    ? Able to function and work independently as well as a good team player.